When the world won't give you peace, Tai Chi will

Why practice Tai Chi?

There is more to life than running around being busy and stressed. We live our lives in our heads, worrying about bills, family, vehicles, work etc. We rarely give ourselves the space to simply be. The practice of Tai Chi helps dial down the noise in our minds and focusses on how we are feeling, moving & breathing instead. Whilst we practice, our brains become silent & content and the stresses simply dissolve. My students regularly comment about how the classes seem to fly by and how relaxed they are when they leave.

Tai Chi also has many physical benefits too. It's not for no reason that many medical professionals are recommending the practice of Tai Chi to patients who suffer from ailments such as Arthritis, Fybromyalgia, Sciatica or back/knee pain. The postural work and gentle movements of Tai Chi help keep the joints moving in a positive way whilst relaxing the tight muscles that physical/mental issues have caused.

Mindfulness & meditation might be quite new concepts to those of us in The West, but Tai Chi practitioners in The Orient have been utilising these techniques to improve their general wellbeing for millennia. Each move requires the practitioner to be very precise with their movement, posture, hand/feet positions and it is this mindful movement that helps dial down the noise in the head as we place our focus in what we feel the body is telling us

Classes & Contact

Classes currently running -

Mon 1900-2000   Tai Chi Ely

          Centre E, Main Hall

          24 Barton Rd , CB7 4DE

Tues 1100-1200   Tai Chi Stetchworth

          Ellesmere Centre

          Newmarket CB8 9TS 

Tues 1900-2000      Tai Chi Isleham

                                     The Beeches

          32 Mill St, CB7 5RY 

Wed 1000-1100 Tai Chi Haddenham

        Arkenstall Centre

        7 Station Rd, CB6 3XD

        Starts wed 6th September

Wed 1330-1430  Tai Chi Isleham

          The Beeches

          32 Mill St, CB7 5RY 

Fri 1030-1130   Tai Chi Stansfield

          Village Hall

          Lower Street. CO10 8LP

All classes £9 paid on the day

Contact the instructor, Dave Cogan

email peacefulwarriortaichi@hotmail.com

phone 01638 781705 (answer machine)

Find us on facebook - @peacefultaichi

Also available for 1-1/private instruction, qigong, corporate classes/events